Saintnine X Extreme Power Distance Golf Ball (1 Dozen) Non USGA / R&A Conforming


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The Saintnine X is the longest USGA non-conforming ball on the market that will blow by others in your foursome. This smaller sized and heavier weight ball features explosive distance with holding spin. The Saintnine X is made for you if you want additional distance and not playing the Tour or other USGA sanctioned events!

  • 3-Piece construction with Ionomer cover.
  • Ultra-High energy 95 compression ND-BR core.
  • 336 dimples for flight stability and reduced air resistance.
  • Thin and soft HPC Ionomer cover for increased control and feel.
  • Not USGA or R&A compliant, but does that really matter?
  • 1-dozen balls in manufacturer's packaging.

Balls may or may not feature mental mates animal logos.