IZOD Double Canopy Automatic 64" Golf Umbrella

IZOD Double Canopy Automatic 64" Golf Umbrella


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The IZOD Windproof Double Canopy 64" golf umbrella is made of durable polyester and features an ergonomic handle. The 64" double canopy is oversized and allows heat to vent through the canopy while keeping you dry. Don't let mother nature ruin your golf outing with rain or poor weather - stay dry and comfortable with the IZOD Double Canopy Umbrella.

  • Double canopy design prevents inverting.
  • Stylish 64" black double canopy with edging and IZOD logo.
  • Reinforced carbon fiber shaft for strength and stability.
  • Canopy made of durable, waterproof 100% polyester.
  • Custom molded foam handle for comfort.