Cobra Golf King Wide-Low Satin Wedge


The Cobra Golf King Wide-Low Wedge features:

  • Softened leading edge with heel and toe relief along with Cobra's Tour Notch grind, providing great amount of choices from medium to firm conditions.
  • 100% CNC MIlled Grooves and faces, Precision shots need precision grooves. CNC milling creates highly accurate grooves for consistent spin across the entire face.
  • Variable Face Roughness delivers an optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and control for greater shot making around the green.
  • Progressive Spin Tech design with larger gap between grooves in weaker lofted wedges, and narrow, tighter spaced grooves in stronger lofted wedges providing more consistent trajectory through wedge lofts.
  • These Sand and Lob wedges offer a wide soled low bounce design perfect for wet or softer fairways and green-side areas.

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