Cleveland Rotex 4 Tour Raw Wedge, Pre-Owned (Very Good)


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The Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Tour Raw Wedge Features:

  • These clubs are in very good condition. Meaning they may have minor cosmetic flaws that are not visible at set up. They are first quality in all respects and have many years of play remaining. The RTX Tour Raw finish wedges are designed to rust. The picture shown is representative of a new wedge and the wedge you receive may or may not already have rust present.
  • Progressive Feel Balancing Technology places the center of gravity in the ideal location.
  • Fourth generation Rotex face technology is the most aggressive ever with sharper Tour Zip grooves, hotter laser milling, and aggressive face milling for more spin and control, more consistently.
  • The more compact blade shape and less offset offers short game versatility and the look tour players and better golfers prefer
  • Four different sole grinds to match your swing:
    • Full grind: For those who take medium to large divots and for sand shots.
    • Mid grind: For those who take medium to large divots and for full wedge shots and pitching.
    • Low grind: For those who take shallow divots or regularly open up the face around the green.
    • X-Low grind: For golfers who take shallow divots or for very tight lies or to pull off flop shots.