Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 1.0 Putter, Pre-Owned/Good


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The Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 1.0 Putter features:

  • This club is in GOOD condition, meaning it has noticeable cosmetic flaws from years of play. However, the club performance is not compromised and has many years of play left.
  • The 2135 Satin Putters feature a model-specific optimized face milling for more forgiveness on mishits.
  • The 2135 Satin Putters feature a Polymer TPU Insert to dampen vibrations and enhance feel.
  • The 2135 High Contrast Raised Sightline allows golfers to achieve optimal alignment on every putt, regardless of where their eyes are at address.
  • Plumbers neck hosel positions hands properly at address.
  • Cleveland TFI 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter features a tour-proven, classic heel-toe weighted design that will enhance your alignment as well as improve distance, accuracy and control.
Headcover must be purchased separately.