Harry Taylor Series 405 Dimpled Wide Sole Wedge, Pre-Owned/Demo


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The Harry Taylor Golf Series 405 Dimpled Wide Sole Wedge features:

  • Super-forgiving wide dimpled sole: The wider sole, with its golf-ball-like dimples, lets it glide through sand or thick grass much easier than a conventional wedge.
  • Precision milled face and grooves: Produces a face that's perfectly flat and outplays and outperforms clubs made using less stringent manufacturing methods.
  • Soft feeling 303 steel: Softer than a 1025 carbon steel forged golf club, the more expensive 303 steel gives you a very soft, solid, great feeling golf club from your very first shot.
  • Buy a Demo and Save ... All demo clubs were originally part of the manufacturer's demo program, have many years of play left in them, and are 1st quality in all respects.